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Teen Crisis Intervention / Transport Escorts

Parents dealing with a teenager in crisis are faced with many difficult decisions. Deciding on the appropriate treatment program and how to get your teenager to this program is the beginning of these difficult decisions.   

Journeys understand the range of emotions and the stress parents go through when making these decisions.

We strive to help you through this tough time and to make each Intervention/Transport a positive, secure, and most of all safe transition.

We strive with each intervention to avoid any physical encounters, our goal is to de-escalate verbally.

We treat each child as an individual with dignity and respect. We introduce firm boundaries and our expectations of your child during this journey.

We are empathetic to your child feelings and offer support and guidance throughout this journey.

We keep in contact with parents, referring professionals, and the Wilderness program or Residential Treatment Facility during the journey.

We appreciate being part of this process and having the opportunity to help families in crisis. 

Mission Statement:

Journeys Adolescent Services is a dedicated team of professionals who strive to make each intervention/transport, positive, secure, and most of all a safe.

"We will walk (or run) with you through this first step."

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